Avorak Launch Price Adjustment

Avorak AI
2 min readApr 22, 2023

Incredible news! Avorak has amended the launch price to $1.00

With the tremendous uptake since the start of our ICO period on March 1st, in the most recent team meeting, a decision was reached to increase the launch price based on a number of factors:

The general interest received in the project
Web traffic is continuously growing, the investor base is expanding globally, and direct messages to staff (yes, this is a valid metric!) are at their highest points.

The investment volume
Considering the investment influx, the valuation for the project would be considered low for the launch. Private seed investors for endless previous new cryptos have managed to benefit from purchasing at considerably lower prices than launch. With AVRK ICO being 100% public sale, this gives the opportunity to everyone, not just the crypto elite.

CEX listings
With the quality attention and investment so far, many conversations are both new and ongoing with Centralized Exchanges for listings. This will be able to comfortably support a higher launch price by having a much wider liquidity net across exchanges. (remember though, no announcement will go out until the exchange listing is 100% signed on the dotted line!)

Rewarding the most loyal investors.
You are here early, and you believed in Avorak, so Avorak is giving back to you. The ICO is relatively long, so having it worth the wait ensures the best from our community.

DEX farming
Incentivized liquidity on DEX is also being discussed for launch, allowing multiple pools of liquidity on-chain for those wishing to farm their AVRK. This will massively stabilize the price with increased liquidity provision on-chain, as CEXs will certainly take priority in the short term.

In addition to the chance to earn rewards with DEX farming, the Avorak Staking will allow investors to stake their tokens in a single pool to allow them to increase their market cap share. This is another reason we believe this price increase is of benefit.

It was no small conversation that took place when discussing this very large subject. All staff is on board with the team’s executive decision, and we hope this will be good news to all of our investors who are responsible for the continued development and inevitable greatness of Avorak.



Avorak AI

Avorak (AVRK) synergizes blockchain technology and AI to create cutting-edge AI chatbots, image-creation tools, and trading bots.