How Will Users Interact With The Avorak AI Platform? — A Short Guide

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3 min readMar 19, 2023

AVRK Revenue Routing

This Medium article is an expansion of the Token Usecases and Burn Mechanics page of the whitepaper.

In order to use the suite of Avorak systems, credits are required, which are paid for with the AVRK token.

Users will pay AVRK at an equivalent dollar value. E.G., if 1 AVRK is 1 dollar and the 1 credit fee to use the image generator is $0.03, then they will pay 0.03 AVRK per credit.

Credits must be purchased and paid in advance; credit expiry is one year from the purchase date.

Credits are allocated at the price at the time of purchase. If the value of AVRK increases afterwards, no additional credits will be allocated.

Revenue flow:

Each individual credit account will have a unique payment address to buy credits. When someone makes an order for credits, the amount of AVRK to send and the unique-to-user payment address will be displayed. They will then send the AVRK, and the credits will be allocated.

Payment routing, revenue share, and burn will all happen live. After the credits have been allocated, the automated systems will then send the AVRK to a single routing contract. This routing contract will send 2% to the burn address, 49% to Avorak, and 49% to the AVRK holders. This live revenue stream will mean, unlike traditional businesses, the share of income happens instantaneously.

The 49% of AVRK that is sent back to holders is distributed based on the amount of AVRK held in a wallet. For example, a wallet holding 2000 AVRK will receive double the amount of revenue return than a wallet holding 1000 AVRK.

Project Access:

In order to not limit ourselves to only those with an interest in cryptocurrency, Avorak is currently working towards an agreement with a third-party payment provider to integrate payment via credit card. This would work in a similar way as companies like Transak, which will route the payment on-chain to purchase the crypto required.

The anticipated route will be:

Credit Card > BNB > AVRK > User Payment address

This would facilitate much easier access to the ecosystem without the need to be crypto-oriented whilst continuing to adhere to the tokenomics laid out.

Any fees from these credit card payments will be added to the buyers’ side and will not be liable to Avorak or AVRK holders.

In summary, Avorak will not be limited to only cryptocurrency users, and the ability to pay with a credit card will still allow the tokenomics to function as intended.



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