What Happens To Unsold AVRK Tokens After Each Phase?

Avorak AI
2 min readMar 10, 2023

Avorak ‘Unsold Tokens’ Policy

The purpose of this Medium article is to clarify the process of moving between ICO phases and what will happen with any unsold AVRK tokens.

As each phase ends and the new phase begins, unsold tokens from the previous phase will be rolled over.

Phase One sells 2.5 million tokens. 1 million tokens will be moved into Phase Two, in addition to the 3.5 million available in that phase.

The Total for Phase Two would be 4.5 million tokens.

The above numbers are an example and not actual figures.

At the culmination of the ICO, any unsold tokens will be burned, and all other tokens in the tokenomics will be burned at the same percentage for the purposes of preserving the tokenomics balance.


The ICO sells 22.4 million AVRK. This is 80% of the total ICO allocation.

5.6 million AVRK will be burned.

In addition to this, 20% of the marketing, team, staking, CEX, and liquidity allocations would also be burned to ensure the preservation of the tokenomics by percentage and to ensure that ICO investors keep the same percentage of the total market cap under their control.

In the event of a complete sell-out of ICO, the launch will not be brought forward in order to adhere to the development timetable.

The team reserves the right, depending on ICO performance, to extend the ICO up to 4 additional weeks maximum.



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