Win $1500 Every 72 hours With Nitro Duck Racing

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2 min readApr 9, 2023

🔥 Welcome to Nitro Duck Racing 🔥

Do you like ducks?
Do you like racing?

Then you’re going to love NITRO DUCK RACING

We all know and love duck racing for the chance to win some amazing prizes, but what is Nitro Duck Racing you may ask?

Well, give us a moment of your time to explain.

Nitro Duck Racing is a faster, more accessible version of our traditional duck races with competitions being held every 72 hours. To enter, simply complete a new purchase and provide that TXN number along with your email to any of our wonderful staff via Telegram, Discord, or live chat on our website

In return, our team will provide you with your own unique duck number/s. By following the table below, you can see how many duck race tickets will be provided to you based on the amount of AVRK tokens you purchased.

$1500 AVRK is guaranteed every game!

$100 AVRK = 1 Duck Race Tickets
$250 AVRK = 5 Duck Race Tickets
$500 = 12 Duck Race Tickets
$1000 = 20 Duck Race Tickets

But this time, we have an awesome surprise for you all…

By popular request, all duck races will be hosted LIVE in the Telegram voice chat. This means you’ll be able to watch your ducks live and in real-time

Each game will provide $1500 worth of AVRK tokens to one lucky winner, with games being hosted every 3 days at 4 pm UTC right here in our Telegram group.

so, what are you waiting for? LET’S RACE SOME DUCKS!



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